Build-A-Brand Discovery Questionnaire
These 12 questions (not counting your email and name) are the first step to you building your authentic brand. I want to encourage you to not to overthink or under-think your responses. In some cases you should put the first thing that comes to your mind; i.e. what your good at, what excites you; in other cases you may need to dig deeper; i.e. who you are, all the WHY questions. Don't rush through this questionnaire because it will literally become the very essence of YOUR brand.

You should be able to edit your responses so if you need to put I don't know for now and come back in an hour or day and change your answer that is fine. I can't answer any questions for you about this questionnaire because it is completely self work. If you need to ask a close friend or spouse what they think the answer is that's fine but make sure you completely agree with it before you put it down.

I can't wait to help YOU create YOUR Luxury Authentically YOU Brand and wrap a big pink bow on it for you.

Email address *
Name *
What Do You Do? (occupation, side hustle, roles you play in life) *
Who Are You? Define Yourself. Not what you do, what roles you play in life, but who you are... *
What excites you? *
What do you do without any thought that doesn’t feel like work? *
What are you known for amongst family and friends? *
What topics do you want to talk about within your brand? *
What problem(s) do you solve? *
WHY are you creating a brand? *
What is the Brands Mission? Brand Mission- A sentence describing your brands function, markets and competitive advantages; a short written statement of your business goals and philosophies. A mission statement defines what a brand is, why it exists, its reason for being. *
Who do you desire to support and serve? Be as specific as possible. *
WHY do you desire to support and serve them? *
How do you plan on supporting and serving your perfect community (the people you desire to support and serve)? *
Upload YOUR Favorite picture of YOU! *
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