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Hi Friend! Thank you so much for your interest in Promethean AI. We are happy to say that we are broadening our early adoption pool and for the first time ever are starting to take in public requests!

We are looking for teams that are excited to be at the very cutting edge of progress and are eager to be using the technology of tomorrow today, trailblazing the way for everyone else. Even better if you also have a strong economic case that Promethean AI could help you with.
We will be tirelessly applying all of our vast expertise to solving your production problems using the Promethean AI tool set. We will be in regular communication with you and will count on you to provide candid and creative feedback and thoughtful feature requests.

Please share as much information as possible below and if there is a good fit we'll make sure to contact you as soon as we can. We are still sticking with a very limited number of partners at the beginning so we kindly count on your understanding if we can't contact you right away. Your information is still incredibly helpful and we'll keep it on file until the right time.

Thank you so much!
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