Thunder Bay Junior Roller Derby League Registration: 2018-01 Semester
Thank you for your interest in our league! We are a 100% volunteer run not for profit organization. We welcome all feedback! Reach us via email -

Next Session
Sunday's 11am - Noon
Jan 14, 21, 28
Feb 4, 11, 25
Mar 4, 25
April 8, 15, 22, 29
May 6, 13, 20
Location: Ecole Gron Morgan gymnasium

Skaters are grouped by skill level and must pass skill and knowledge tests before advancing to a higher level.

Level 0 (Beginners): These skaters are non-contact, non-scrimmaging, and just learning to skate. Most of them have never been on skates before.

Level 1 (Positional play only / non-contact): These players are just starting to learn the game, and how to block positionally. We place a lot of emphasis on positional blocking; it makes everyone a good player to be able to block this way right out of the gate.

Level 2 (Pushing, leaning, no hitting): Minimal contact, more learning of strategy of the game, playing using pushing and leaning, and learning how to hit safely.

Level 3 (Full contact): WFTDA standard play; Continuing strong emphasis on strategy and game play.

1) $180 registration fee* **
2) $50 CRDi Insurance fee (covers skater until the end of the calendar year)

- Insurance is collected by the league and submitted on your behalf to CRDi
- CRDi will assign your skater a unique CDRi #
- Insurance coverage is annual by calendar year. Skaters who purchased insurance for the Jan-May or June sessions who attend the July-Aug or Sept-Dec sessions will not pay an insurance fee again this year.

* Save 25% off registration if you register early. Early Bird Deadline: Dec 8th, 2017
** Save 25% for each skater who completes registration and lists you as a referrer

You will be sent an email invoice to collect your fees owing before the first day of practice. You will be provided with a receipt electronically.

Required Gear

1) Helmet (hockey or certified for impact sports - CPSC rated)
2) mouth guard
3) wrist guards
4) elbow guards
5) knee pads
6) quad skates
7) non marking toe stops and knee covers

We are happy to assist skaters find correct equipment. We recommend you visit our sponsor's website ( Busted Skate offers gear for purchase or rent.

Skater Information
Skater's First and Last Name *
Name on birth certificate
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Skater's Birth Date *
Skater's Health Card *
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Skater's Derby Name (optional)
How the skater would like to be addressed by refs/coaches/team
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Skater's Email (optional)
League and team announcements may be sent via email
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Skater's Derby Number (optional)
Number between 0-9999; Must be unique from other skaters on a first come first serve basis;
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CRDi #
Insurance Number (if you are a returning skater or transferring from another league)
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Are you interested in borrowing skates and/or protective equipment from TBJRDL? *
A limited amount of sponsored equipment is available in limited sizes. Loaner equipment is free to use and is intended for new skaters. Loaner equipment will only be made available to returning skaters after new skaters are addressed. Loaner equipment is assigned for the duration of this registration only and must remain at the practice space. The league reserves the right to re-assign or share loaner equipment as needed.
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