Applications for ARGO's Streets Data Collaborative (StDC)to pilot a next generation approach to Street QUality IDEntification (SQUID) to support SB1 Implementation in CA
The StDC ( ) initiative aims to be a team effort to prepare cities for the historic wave of change in urban mobility through no regrets steps to improve maintenance practices by aggregating data and utilizing modern and open data tools.

The project is staffed by Team ARGO, a nonprofit that builds, operates and maintains public data infrastructure. Notable mentions:

-The Obama White House, Commitments to Action on Building a Sustainable Water Future.
-Fox News, Smart Cities: The Pothole Problem.
-California Senate Hearing for SB272 on Modernizing Government.
-WRVO, SQUID to give Syracuse better feel for needed road repairs.
-KQED, A New Data Initiative Is Changing Water Management.
-New York Times, Why are the streets always under construction?

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California SB1 explained here:
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