8th Bi-Annual CADathon Signup Sheet
F4 is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our 8th CADathon from 6pm Eastern of Dec 20th - 8pm Dec 23rd Eastern.

The last day for signups for the CADathon is Dec 20th at noon!
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(0000 if not on a team)
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The "New Team" option means you want to create a new team for this CADathon. If you have already competed in a previous CADathon on a team, and want to compete again on that team, choose "existing team". Same applies to the Up to 3 person team options. Only choose the "Up to 3 Person Team" option if you already know who your partner(s) is(are). If you are joining the CADathon but don't know who your partner is and want to be assigned to another random person using the same software, choose "random placement".
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