Interest Survey: 2021-2022 Academic Year Classes
Hearing from parents who are considering my classes for their students always helps me plan and schedule my courses for the coming year. Answering with as much detail as possible and listing all possible times/days you think your student would be able to meet will increase the odds that what I wind up offering in the fall will be a good fit for your interests and availability!

Right now, I am planning to start the year with online-only instruction (using both asynchronous learning in Canvas and weekly Zoom-based virtual sessions in real time for some classes), but if there is interest, I may consider adding in some in-person field trips, discussions, or regular gatherings for students local to the Triangle area in NC if/when it becomes safe to do so later in the year.

The classes I can offer are all listed on the Classes pages of my website: Please visit there for fuller class descriptions of each class:

Year-Long High School Classes
1. United States History (Canvas, with a 2 hour Zoom each week)
2. World History (Canvas, with a 2 hour Zoom each week)
3. United States Government and Politics (Canvas, with a 1 hour Zoom each week)

Semester-Long High School Classes
1. Gender in United States History (Canvas only, optional Zooms from time to time)
2. Early U.S. History through Hamilton (Canvas only, optional Zooms from time to time)
3. United States History through Film (Canvas, with a 1 hour Zoom each week)

Short 6-week High School & Middle School Classes
1. Academic Skills (Canvas, with a 1 hour Zoom each week)
2. Introduction to Essay Writing (Canvas, with a 1 hour Zoom each week)
3. Intermediate Essay Writing (Canvas, with a 1 hour Zoom each week)

Year-Long Middle School Classes
1. United States History (Canvas, with a 2 hour Zoom each week)
2. World History (Canvas, with a 2 hour Zoom each week)
3. United States Government and Politics (Canvas, with a 1 hour Zoom each week)

Please note that filling out this form is NOT a commitment to enroll in the class -- it is just a way for me to gauge interest and make sure that my Fall/Spring offerings for the coming academic year will meet the needs of interested families.
Student's Name (Please fill out a separate form for each student you might register for classes.) *
Student's age as of September 1, 2021 *
Parent's Name *
Parent's Email *
Which classes are you most interested in for the student listed above? *
If you are interested in your child taking multiple classes during the year, or if you would like to explain your ranking of classes (ie. "We'd love to take World History, but if it does not have enough students to run, we would be interested in Government, but not US History." or "I would like my middle schooler to take either US or World history, and also enroll in both writing classes at some point during the year.")
If you selected classes that have weekly Zoom meetings, what days/times do you think your student could be available? (Please check all that apply -- I understand that your availability may change! I have omitted times when I know that I will not be available to teach due to other commitments, but may have to omit others if my schedule changes.) *
If the list of days/times above does not adequately capture your student's availability for classes (ie. "Friday mornings only work if the class is over by 10:30" or "One Thursday a month, my child could not attend a late afternoon class.") please explain below.
If you selected classes that meet for six weeks or for a single semester, please explain whether you would prefer for those classes to be offered in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 (or a "I would like my student to be able to take Academic Skills in the fall and to take the elective Hamilton class in the spring." or "I would like my high school student to be able to take two semester long history classes this year, one in the fall and one in the spring, but he doesn't have a preference about the 3 different semester-long offerings.")
If you are local to the Triangle, would you be interested in your student attending in-person field trips, discussions, or other learning opportunities in or near Durham in the future? (The instructor does not plan to offer any in-person gatherings until she is fully vaccinated, science clearly supports the safety of in-person gatherings, and Covid-related restrictions are lifted.) *
If you are interested (or maybe interested) in local in-person gatherings, please share your thoughts to help me understand where you're coming from on this question. For example, would you like the Zoom meetings to transition to in-person 100% of the time as soon as is practical? Would you like to stay on Zoom some of the time for convenience, but incorporate field trips or monthly gatherings in person? What conditions would have to be met for you to feel safe about gathering? Would you only be interested in in-person gatherings if all other participants are vaccinated? Would your child be willing and able to wear a mask and maintain social distance if necessary? Basically, tell me whatever you think will help me understand your wishes and concerns.
Is there anything else that you would like to share? (Information about your student, more details on your availability, questions about classes, etc.)
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