Background Survey
This is a survey to get to know know your expertise better and match your skills and expertise to an area of policy development that NCUC focuses on. It is important to know that NCUC works on Domain Name Policy issues and does not cover the broader Internet governance issues that do not relate to domain name policy.
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Please share with us more about your background (or your organization’s background). What experiences you would like us to know about?
Areas of Interest
What issues, concerns, and hopes bring you (or your organization) to ICANN? How do you see the NCUC within this panorama? Some of the issues we deal with are privacy, jurisdiction, human rights, dispute resolution, and intellectual property rights, among others.
Which of these ICANN PDP Working Groups interests you?
We have three “policy development process” working groups now developing rules for the ICANN community and the Domain Name System.
What can the NCUC do to improve Engagement
Please tell us what you would like to see more of - which could possibly help to increase your participation in NCSG/NCUC?
Are you interested to become a leader in the future at NCUC? Do you want to have a mentor to tell you more about NCUC?
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