AAOCC Grant Request Form
Please be sure to read all instructions and information on the grant program on the AAOCC website: http://www.aaopencc.org/grant-program.
If you have any attachments, please email them to aaocctreasurer@gmail.com.
Project Name *
Name of person making grant request *
Phone number of person making grant request *
Email of person making grant request *
Targeted group (class/grade/entire school) *
Estimated total cost of project *
Date by when funds would be needed *
Please describe the project/activity that you are requesting a grant for. *
Who will specifically benefit from the grant you are requesting? Please describe all classrooms or the AAO community at large. *
If the person in charge of the project is different than the person requesting the grant, please enter their name and contact information.
Estimated cost per student? You can provide a more specific budget/breakdown of expenses if applicable and any future costs. If that information is in a separate document please email that to aaocctreasurer@gmail.com *
What is the timeline? *
Additional resources needed. Include parent volunteer time, staff time, equipment, storage space, etc. *
Has this idea already been discussed or proposed to an AAO staff member? If so, with whom? *
Could this idea produce revenue and if so, in what estimated amount? *
Have other funding sources been investigated or requested? If so, please describe. *
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