Global Finals 2020 Financial Assistance Application
Thank you for taking the time to fill our financial assistance application. We will carefully consider the applications for all teams based on the following qualifications:
- Financial need. What expenses must the team cover themselves? Does the team have any financial hardships?
- Attendance at Global Finals. Has the team attended in the past? Did they receive financial assistance then?
- Geographic representation. Are there other teams from their location that will be attending?
- Essay. Does the team provide detailed and compelling reasons for how they would benefit from attending Global Finals?

Each application will be evaluated by multiple members of the DIHQ staff.

We hope to be able to start notifying teams about their assistance packages on or about April 9. However, we will not distribute financial assistance funds until after all Affiliates have completed their tournaments and after certified teams have had a chance to complete their applications. We will notify the Team Manager, via the email listed on this application, whether or not their team will receive financial assistance.

To supplement your application, you can ask your Affiliate or Regional Director to fill out a recommendation form on behalf of your team. While this recommendation is not required, having one will benefit your application.

Please fill out the following form to the best of your ability. If you have any questions about how to answer a portion of the application, email Kelsey Celek at
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Describe the financial need of your team. Please address the following questions if they are applicable: a.) Has your team or community recently experienced a financial hardship?; b.) For US teams: Do any of your team members qualify for free/reduced lunch at school?; c.) For US teams based in a school: Do you represent a Title I school?
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Please list the costs your team will have to cover to attend Global Finals. (You can include the registration fee on your list.) Indicate how much will be covered by the team, and how much will be covered by outside sources (school, donations, fundraising, etc.)
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Please describe any fundraising efforts your team has made/will make for Global Finals 2020.
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Has your team attended Global Finals before? If so, when? *
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If your team has attended Global Finals before, did you receive financial assistance? If so, what amount did you receive? (If not, type "Not Applicable.")
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Why do you and your team want to be a part of Global Finals 2020? How will your Team benefit from attending?
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