Student Ensemble Application
Hi, thanks for applying to join the Nursery’s Student Ensemble! We are excited to hear all about you
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A bit of info on the process:
- Application deadline is 1st September

- You will hear by 4th September if you’ve been invited to audition or not

- Auditions will be held on 8th September in two different slots at 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm (You only need to attend one of these)

- All auditionees will be contacted by 16th September. We will contact everyone, to let you know either way.

- Rehearsals start on Thursday 26th September, from 7pm-10pm. They then run every Thursday evening until 12th December. You are expected to attend at least 75% of rehearsals (9/12)

- There will be some shows throughout the season on Sunday evenings (4.30 call time for a 5.30pm show, finished by 7pm). Full dates TBC

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Tell us a bit about your improv experience
Courses, teams, anything which may be relevant.
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Why are you applying for Nursery Student Ensemble?
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What excites and delights you in improv? What makes you want to get on stage?
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Which audition slots are you available for? *
You may choose both if available all day - but will only be needed at one.
Student Ensemble rehearse every Thursday from 26th September to 12th December. Are there any dates within there that you cannot make? *
There will be shows on Sundays (full dates TBC), you will be needed 4.30pm-7pm. Are there any Sundays from mid October to mid December this would not be possible for you? *
Anything else you think we should know?
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Contribution for room and coach. *
In order to pay for the room and your coach, you will be expected to make a small contribution for each rehearsal. For this season the total will be £240. It can be paid in installments or one go, whatever you prefer. We can also offer other support where needed - that all sound ok?
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