BGS Homeroom Parent Volunteer Form
Once again it is time to consider volunteering as a Homeroom Parent! Participating as a Homeroom Parent in your child’s class is a wonderful opportunity to get involved directly in activities at BGS.

Each class may have up to two Homeroom Parents. If more than two parents volunteer for a single class, a drawing will be held to randomly select the two Homeroom Parents. If you have more than one child in the school, you may submit your name for each class. However, you will only be allowed to be Homeroom Parent for one of the classrooms.

Homeroom Parent responsibilities are a little different this year but include:
* attending PTO meetings and sharing important information with the teacher and other parents (you may take turns attending the PTO meetings, but at least one Homeroom Parent from each classroom should attend each meeting or find an alternate to attend from the class)
* collecting class fund monies
* communicating with the teacher
* sharing information with your class about class activities and any additional messages from the PTO

Typically the class monies are for class parties and teacher gifts throughout the year. This year, it would be for teacher gifts as we don't anticipate class parties as we've had in prior years. Virtual parties may be an option, but that would need to be worked out with the teachers. The PTO will collect the funds via Paypal or check and then distribute them to the class parents via Paypal or a check.

Failure to fulfill these obligations (or ensure coverage within your class) may require us to ask you to step down from class parent responsibilities.

If interested, please complete this form by October 23, 2020.
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