2018 State Officer Candidate Application

State Officer Election Process

An objective test will be given to each officer candidate. Then, all candidates for an individual office must be interviewed by the screening and nominating committee (one student from each district). Each committee member will evaluate each candidate on the interview. These interview scores will be calculated and averaged, however, the highest and lowest interview scores will be dropped. Each candidate will deliver a speech before the screening and nominating committee. The committee shall nominate a minimum of two candidates for each office, if candidates are available and qualified. Candidates nominated by the screening and nominating committee will become official officer candidates and each will answer two impromptu questions on stage. If there are no qualified candidates, the office will be left vacant.

Voting procedures for delegates to the State Career Development Conference are based on the following: The winners will be chosen by the highest composite score using the following criteria:
Application – 25% Each application area has point rating (in question)
Tests – 25%
Interview – 25%
Votes Cast – 25%

Neatness of Application
No errors 2 points MAX

ADDITIONALLY =You will receive points for unweighted GPA using the following criteria:
4.0 - 5 points
3.7 - 4 points
3.5 - 3 points
3.3 - 2 points
3.0 - 1 point

    This is a required question