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Sign up here to be an Ambassador for GGCNJ's BetterBallotsNJ campaign (see www.betterballotsnj.org). The goal of the campaign is to create a targeted action network that will put pressure on the NJ legislature to mandate fair primary election ballots in New Jersey. Only with better ballots will our elected officials be accountable to us -- voters -- rather than to party bosses who ensure their election through manipulative ballot designs.

Better ballots are easy to design -- and are used by all states but New Jersey. We deserve better ballots, and a real democracy in New Jersey.
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The legislature will not voluntarily change the ballots that got them elected. To get them to do so, we need to mount pressure from all directions. Our goal is to get every grassroots group, union, issue group, affinity group, and faith group in New Jersey to sign the Resolution to Establish a Fair Ballot, to show our legislature that we are all watching, and we are all demanding the same thing: better ballots.
Think of all the groups and spheres of influence in which you can promote the Resolution to Establish a Fair Ballot. What are they?
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Please write below the names of the specific organizations and groups you had in mind, where you have influence and can work to promote the Resolution:
(we are asking this so we can connect you with others targeting the same groups)
To help you be an effective Ambassador, please tell us more about how to contact you and where you are located. We will share content, sample letters to the editor, presentation materials, and connect you with others working on this issue in your area. We will also add you to a mailing list (google group) for this purpose, so you can discuss successes and get advice on how to overcome hurdles from others doing similar work.
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