Signal Boost: COVID-19 Creative Support
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the fastest global information and behavior change campaign in history. Non-profit organizations and foundations around the world are working to support this campaign, and their role in quickly and effectively spreading accurate information is critical. A recent poll in the United States revealed that alongside local health officials, non-profit organizations and foundations are amongst the most trusted sources of COVID-19 information.

Despite their important role, many of these organizations face an urgent need for creative support to make their campaigns more effective. Even if they have the communication channels, the reach and the trust to help millions of people stay safe and slow the spread of the coronavirus, they may lack designers, writers and other creative professionals who can make their campaigns more effective.

In this historic fight against a global pandemic, creativity has an important role to play. We are calling upon designers, writers, illustrators, data visualizers, social media strategists and influencers, artists and the countless other creative fields whose expertise and talent is urgently needed today.

If you are an organization seeking support with communications in this time, please share below. We will amplify your need to communities of creatives who seek opportunities to make an impact—members and followers of the OpenIDEO community and beyond. This will be done publicly, via email and social media.

If you are a creative looking to give support, please visit this database of submitted needs:

Signal Boost is supported by The Communications Network and IDEO*

*This program is meant to collect and amplify needs of organizations to communities of creatives. IDEO will not be available to serve as intermediaries beyond that point and have not vetted or evaluated the organizations or creatives that sign up to participate in this initiative in any way beyond ensuring they completed the form fields required to sign up to participate. Any creatives who sign up are not employees or contractors of IDEO and are not affiliated with IDEO in any way.  As such, IDEO is not responsible for and makes no warranties regarding, the work, behavior, or services provided by such creatives. We encourage you to vet any creatives and their work before engaging with them.
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