“Unity in Diversity” Summit 2012: Call for Proposals

The Department of Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs (SDMA) has branded its 8th annual leadership summit for student leaders of cultural and social justice organizations as the “Unity in Diversity” Summit, to emphasize both the focus on building community and solidarity across Loyola’s many cultural communities, as well as the connection to SDMA’s “Unity in Diversity” Fund, which supports collaborative programming efforts focusing on diversity and social justice.

The theme of this year’s Summit, “Back to Basics,” was specifically chosen to encourage attendees to reflect upon and re-imagine the leadership development of cultural and social justice organizations at Loyola. Through interactive workshops presented by their peers, student leaders will have an opportunity to explore the following: How is leadership cultivated for, and practiced by, students of color, LGBTQ students, or students of different faiths? In what ways can these experiences be enhanced, and how can student organizations play a role in creating changes? How can communities work together to both foster a greater sense of belonging and build stronger leadership skills for students and student organizations on campus?

SDMA invites proposals for hour-long workshops that address the goals and theme of this year’s Summit. Workshops should accommodate about 20-25 participants. Student leaders and student organizations are especially encouraged to submit proposals. What does your organization or program do well? Show off your best practices and inspire other groups with your ideas and success stories!

Suggested presentation topics:<ul>
<li>What are the unique strengths and challenges of being a student leader for a cultural or social justice-based student organization?
<li>What does it mean for a student leader or a student group to “represent” a population? How does a student organization ensure it is “living out” its mission?
<li>What is your organization’s identity on campus, and how do you shape it to promote your mission and goals?
<li>What are characteristics of a successfully functioning student organization? How does a student organization become successfully functioning?
<li>What are effective strategies for goal-setting, member recruitment & retention, event planning, branding & publicity, or leadership development/transition?
<li>What roles do cultural and social justice-based student organizations play in social, cultural, and educational programming on campus? In community-building and social advocacy?
<li>What does it mean to build community, both within and across different student populations?
<li>How can communities come together for effective collaboration or coalition purposes?</ul>
<center><b>Please submit completed workshop proposals by <u>5pm on Monday, March 19</u>.<br>Decisions will be made by Wednesday, March 21.</b></center>