2017 Show Submissions
Welcome! This is the form to use if you're interested in putting up a show at the Crowd!

Show rentals are $60 Sunday-Thursday and $100 for Saturdays. A $60 deposit is required to book a slot. As long as you do not cancel your show, that $60 will go towards your rental fee. Once you've paid your rental fee, anything you make off ticket sales is yours. Show times are 8pm and 10pm Monday -Saturday, and 7pm and 9pm on Sunday. You will have access to the space 30 minutes before show time and for 90 minutes after.

We encourage you to sell tickets to your show. Many of our shows end up making money off their runs which we LOVE. In that same vein, if you haven't heard we have show passes available through Patreon. Theses passes give admission to every show that goes up. If you'd like more info on our Patreon and how it'll work with regards to show submissions, read this - https://www.patreon.com/posts/letter-to-all-7129735

With the rental, you'll get access to our space with lights, a sound system, microphone, and a house of ~50 chairs. We also have a keyboard for any of you musical groups! (Thanks to Stacked and Pop Soda). Additionally, the Crowd will provide you with someone to work box office and run basic tech, but for anything more involved than lights up/lights down we'll want you to provide your own tech person.

Our theater can take cash and electronic payment through Venmo, Chase Quickpay, or Square for Credit Cards and your group has full control over how much you're charging for tickets.

We've been incredibly lucky to experience a high level of demand for show rentals at our theater, which means that we'll unfortunately be unable to accept all submissions. We encourage everyone to submit, but be aware that we will prioritize shows that are geared towards diversity and underrepresented groups in the performance community, as well as groups that have not yet had a chance to do a show in our theater.

If you want to be kept up to date on when we're having open submissions, sign up for our Show Submission mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/bVaYEj


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