KVDT Community Questionnaire
With less than five minutes of your time you could help us get a better idea of our Community and the Stakeholders of the Kirkstall Valley Development Trust's project, by filling out this questionnaire!
In your opinion, what is currently lacking in the Kirkstall community that the project could provide? *
For instance: Youth Club, Education Centre and Skill Workshops, Community Café with Lunch Clubs, IT and Library Hub ...
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How did you become aware of the KVDT? *
Are you currently living in the Kirkstall area? *
What is your interest in the project? *
How would you like to communicate in the future? *
For this project to be a success we want to make sure that we all work together, therefore regular and appropriate communication is key. We would like to know how you would like to communicate in the future
Would you be interested in...
Do you have any specific skills or work you would like to offer?
This project is aimed at creating a sense of community ownership, therefore we believe that including the public from the very start, by making use of their knowledge and skills, will be of great importance and help the project unfold as something for the community, from the community.
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Could you imagine being involved as ...
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Your Age *
What is your current state of occupation? *
This can also be "student", "retired", "unpaid", "stay-at-home parent" etc.
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Do you allow us to use your response for academic research purposes? *
Your information could be used in academic work around the Kirkstall Valley Development Trust performed by postgraduate students at the University of Leeds.
Do you allow the forwarding of your personal details to the KVDT for contacting you in the future? *
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