TRA Reservation Agreement

If you are seriously interested in an accommodation from our website and require a tour prior to making a reservation, please complete the fields at the following link and we will receive your request and email you to confirm your appointment.

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Appointments for a tour are made on the weekend and during the week. We require payment to make a reservation at one of the featured properties. You could reserve it now here. If you would like to make a reservation without the tour based on the information from our website, you can make a partial (50 %) payment through PayPal. Please complete the fields below an we will receive your request.

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Reservation and payment Instructions are as follows:

Step 1.
You indicate that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of our services. You will be required sign the forms in person on your arrival date. The following are the titles of the forms you will received from TRA by email:

This TRA Reservation Agreement after you click submit check your email inbox and spam for your first document.
TRA Terms and House Rules Agreement
TRA Service Agreement
TRA Check-Out Departure Conditions Agreement
TRA Accommodations Agreement

After you receive the 4 documents by email this Reservation Agreement, we will email you an invoice for a partial (50%) payment through Paypal. You may make payment without having a Paypal account when you receive the invoice. Once you make the payment, Paypal will immediately send you a receipt and we will receive a confirmation by email. When we receive confirmation from Paypal your reservation is complete.

Step 2.
When we receive confirmation from PayPal, the Reservation Agreement will indicate your arrival date and we will meet you based on the arrival time you indicate in your request. This time may be adjusted due to travel delays. Just call us and let us know if you will be delayed.

Step 3.
At the date and time you suggest for your arrival, we will meet you at your accommodation and give you a brief overview of the amenities, and your Temporary Accommodation Agreement documents will be signed in person by both you and the Service Manager. This is when you will meet your Service Manager in person and receive your keys. If you indicated that you will be picked up by the limo service, then you will be contacted by the limo service driver to arrange your pick-up and your Service Manager will meet you at the property. The Service Manager will provide you a hard copy of your documents and collect your signature for each document. Upon obtaining the signatures you are required to pay remainder of your partial payment which should be your 1st Monthly payment by cash or PayPal (No checks accepted by Paypal but in person if on a local bank or Bank of America). We will invoice you each month and you can pay it online when you arrive. The wireless internet we offer in the accommodation will be available on arrival and can be used for this transaction.

Step 4.
Your Service Manager will give you a set of keys for access.

After this document, you should receive your documents and Paypal invoice shortly.

Remember the reservation is a trust transaction between you and TRA. We have to trust that you will come and stay the entire time of your request. We want you to trust that we put great effort to assure you that you will receive everything that you see in the pictures and in the brochure, and in addition that the statements online and by email are exactly what you would get. We deliver!

If you have trouble with this form: You can send a Support Request at the following link:

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