Artists' film & video workshop at The Art Lab
Reconstructing Reality | Reality Construction

The Art Lab are excited to host a five day art and film workshop with artist Alex Culshaw!

With a focus on artist's film, video and installation this series of workshops will creatively explore the mass illness event that happened at Outwood Academy on 11.11.15. Participants will learn about methods of filmmaking and production and a variety of contemporary art practices. Throughout the week participants will collectively produce a range of creative responses using language, images, video, sound and performance!

The artwork and short films that the students create in the workshops will also be presented in a friends and family screening at The Curzon cinema during the summer holidays!

Some of the topics explored in the workshops will be:
The 'truth' or 'reality of the medium - representation, facts and aesthetics in film and video.
Narratives and the 'unreliable narrator'.
The process of reconstructing a reality - documentary and fiction filmmaking.
Abstraction and installation in art.

***We are delighted to say that 10 places for the workshops worth £125 each have been fully funded! If you would like to take part please register your interest by filling out this form.*** Everyone who registers interest will be sent an information pack.

To add onto all of this, all participates and those interested will be invited to be involved with a large video and installation project that Alex is working on this summer that will be exhibited in Ripon in 2019.

Here's some more information about the artist and her plans for the summer:

Alex currently lives and works between London / Yorkshire. Alex studied at R.G.S. and then went on to study a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Leeds College of Art in 2008/9. In 2012 Alex received a BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London and she has recently graduated from The Royal College of Art with a Masters in Fine Art - Sculpture/Moving Image. Alex has exhibited work nationally and internationally including at Jerwood Visual Arts gallery (London), Whitechapel Gallery (London) and at Florence Arts Centre in the Lake District where she spent a year researching and working between 2016-2017. Alex has also co-organised artist residencies and curated a number of film screening events across the U.K.

Alex's work, mostly video, installation and performance confronts the construction of documentary forms and storytelling. "'By experiencing and recording cultural and socio-economic conditions, in which I am often a tourist or external observer, I explore temporality and realism. My work addresses the political, draws on the poetic and brings forth a discussion between labor, site and identity. Through the use of self-reflexive narratives and a process of documenting and reconstructing, my projects often comment on that which cannot be seen or captured. Ambition and failure are common narratives, as are notions of pretense and the act of embellishment."

The workshops are part of the research phase of Alex's current project that is exploring the mass illness that took place on the 11.11.15. Alex will be producing a new video installation to be exhibited in Jan-Feb 2019. On the 11th August Alex will be filming the majority of the work for this project and we are looking for students who would like to be involved with this film and the whole, ongoing project. More details on this will follow. Anyone interested in dance, drama, acting, performance and filmmaking please keep in touch. If you have any questions about the project, Alex can be contacted on and her website is here

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