Signup for the iSOTGDay 2020 Global Virtual Scavenger Hunt, Saturday, Dec 5
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How Does The Hunt Work?
The virtual scavenger hunt works like this:

1. You sign up as an individual or team.

2. On iSOTGDay, your team captain gets emailed a list of fun, creative challenges.
Many of the challenges can be done safely from inside your own home.
Some do require going outside, but please do not violate local health guidelines.

3. You then take 2 hours to complete as many challenges as you can.

4. You earn points by posting your finished challenges on social media.

It’ll be fun, trust us!

For complete rules, go to
How Does This Form Work?
Register yourself or your team for FREE now.

Teams can be from 1 PERSON up to 7 PEOPLE (split 8 people into two teams).

Teams are virtual. Team members do not have to be able to meet in person, and in fact, it's helpful to have team members in multiple locations.

Once you are signed up, you will be emailed the competition challenges when the competition starts, just before Dec 5.
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(Optional) This can be a Skype account, a Whatsapp number, a social media account, or anything else... basically, if we need to reach you with a question in a hurry, how should we contact you? (This won't be posted anywhere, and neither will your email address)
What's Your Team Name? *
Please give a family-friendly team name. Also, it's really annoying to change it once it’s set up, so check your spelling. See the other teams here:
Where Is Your Team From? *
List country first and city(s) second, like so: ==Canada, Vancouver, Calgary==. The first country listed will be your team's official country. You can have players from many different locations, but only one official country.
What Time Will Your Team Start? *
Pick a two-hour time slot for your team to compete. Please write a specific start time including your time zone, like this: === 16:00 PST ===. The 2-hour time slot must be between 11:00 UTC 2020/12/04 and 11:00 UTC 2020/12/06 (basically, it has to be iSOTGDay (Dec 5) somewhere). (Yes, you can start at any time, like 16:30 CST.)
Do You Want to Be Part of RED CREW or BLUE CREW? *
This is VERY important, so pick carefully. If you're on the winning color crew this year, you can put that on your resumé forever. If you are on the losing team, you will carry that shame with you until next year.
Who Are Your Teammates? *
List all your teammates, including yourself, ONE PER LINE (not all on one line). Your team can be just you, or up to 7 people. Include social media links if you'd like. If someone is not listed on your team roster, they can't score points for you. If you have more than 7 people, split into two teams and compete against each other. If you don't know who will be on your team yet, why are you filling out this form? But go ahead and submit it anyway. If you need to change the list of players, email us at, or just fill out this form again with the revised full list, we'll try to figure it out.
That's All
Once you submit this form, you'll be registered.

Now go read the rules again, and get ready to receive the email with the challenges. Good luck!
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