NVC in Education - Put Your Initiative On The Map
We, (Marianne Göthlin, Giacomo Poleshi, En Dolci, Elisa Garlaschi, Georg Tarne, Marie Siegling), created this form with the intention to be as inclusive as possible with our shared vision:

to provide information and inspiration for all people interested in applying NVC in education.

Therefore we are collecting as much data as possible about exciting initiatives. Our goal is to create a platform which maps out all NVC in education initiatives that are out there - from NVC schools to research programs in universities from NVC in kindergartens to parents practice groups from interested individuals to experienced trainers and many more. We hope that this will strengthen the community of people applying NVC in education, enhance the exchange and empower more people to use NVC in education.

To put your initiative on the map you need to complete this survey and we will take care of the rest. Some questions are required others are optional. We will update the map at least once a month so don't worry if your information won't be on the map right away.

We are still learning and trying to improve. So please help us with your feedback which you can give us in two ways. First if you do not understand a question please answer "I don't understand this question" or something similar so we can improve over time. Second we have included a feedback box in the end of the survey for all your general feedback, ideas for improving and thoughts. We really appreciate everything and looking forward to learn.
Please do forward the link to this survey to whom you think it could interesting. Thank You!
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