Why Human Spaceflight?
Can you please share your strongest arguments supporting:
'why we should invest in Human Spaceflight?'

Why I need your help?
Together with Nobel Price laureate, distinguished scientists, engineers and politicians we have started an initiative to ask Polish government to invest in Human Spaceflight. I worked as an Engineer at European Space Agency and now I am trying to commit Poland to join Human Spaceflight endeavor.

The initiative is available here:

We believe that Poland should contribute to ESA Human Spaceflight program in the long run. Although in this initiative we ask USA president Mr Donald Trump to commemorate a 100th year anniversary of Polish independence with including Polish astronaut in NASA flight within Commercial Crew Program.

This initiative started a huge debate on: 'why we should invest in Human Spaceflight?'

I have prepared a long list of arguments http://www.astronauta.pl/argumentacja/ (English translation upon request), but still I am looking for something even stronger and better.

I would really appreciate your help for sake of including my country in great Human Space Exploration!

In case of any questions
Matt Harasymczuk
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