TEA in 2019, what do you want?
As the Technology Educators Associations purpose is to educate and support teachers we are asking all members to assist us in developing the events and professional development for you.
Please be honest in your feedback as we want to provide valuable Teacher Professional Development.
We want to support you but in supporting you as best w can we need support and information from you. please take 5 minutes to complete the following.
Is your school a member of TEA?
Why does your school continue to support TEA by renewing your membership?
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How many TEA events did you attend this year?
What did you like about our events? Or why did you not attend?
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For 2019, TEA is hoping to prepare and deliver a 2 day combined Food and Textiles conference. If this is something you are interested in what would you like to see at the conference?
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As Technology Mandatory is now being updated - are there any skills or knowledge that you would like to be up-skilled on?
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What would you like to see on our website?
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If we had a members only section, what would you like to see here?
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Please tick any areas below you are willing to assist TEA with.
If you are happy to help, with any of the above mentioned or have any further ideas, please leave an email address and we can contact you about how to best support. We can't operate without the support of our members.
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