Stories of Transformation
Hello and welcome to your first step in Stories of Transformation!

We are excited for your interest in our project. Before you start this application form, make sure that you carefully read the info letter. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our logistic coordinator Eliska Eislerova, at 

Your answers will help us discover about your motivation and understand if  the project is a a good fit for you. 
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Erasmus+ has a special focus on inclusion. Therefore it could be important for us to know if you consider yourself part of one of the following groups: *
Tell us a bit about yourself.  What is your current occupation? What do you love doing?
What is your experience in working with people and/or the topic of storytelling and conflict transformation?
What is your main motivation to come to Stories of Transformation? What are you interested in learning?
Could you share with us what inner or interpersonal conflicts are you currently facing? And what supports you in dealing with them?
Did you participate in other Erasmus+ courses? If yes, which? 
How would you like to implement the learning in your practice after the training? Could you give us concrete examples of activities you could carry on?
Is there anything that we should know in order to make your participation possible?
Are there any special needs or ways of functioning, physical or psychological condition of yours that is important to be aware of and include in our way of delivering the program? Do you have allergies or a special diet?
By submitting this application, you acknowledge that the following conditions will apply if you are selected to take part in this training course:

- I commit myself to participate in the whole process, including the implementation phase after the training course.

- I understand that I am responsible for taking care of my health insurance and also follow the implications that are valid regarding Covid 19 situation.

- I agree with information provided in the infopack, regarding the participant's contribution / fee, conditions of participation and the travel expenses and reimbursement.

- I agree that my personal data that I provided in this application form for this project are used for the purposes of this project and shared with representatives of all the partner organisations involved in the project. Personal data are also provided to the local National Agency, through Mobility Tool. Personal data will be used in accordance to GDPR.

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