Huntingdon Valley Library Card Application
Huntingdon Valley Library Cards are provided solely to Lower Moreland Township residents.
If you have a card from another library, you can use that card at our library. If you are unsure of your township, visit to search by address.
Please answer all required Questions.
Please allow us five (5) days after submission to receive your card via US Mail, which will act as proof of address.
Thank you.
Municipality (Township or Borough): NOTICE: HVL cards are provided soley to Lower Moreland Township residents *
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If you are unsure of your Township or Borough, you can find out here:
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If you are NOT a Lower Moreland Township Resident, we ask that you call the Library at 215-947-5138 for guidance.
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Please Read
I hereby apply to use the library and promise to obey all its rules. I accept full responsibility for all materials checked out on this card and for all charges associated with its use. I agree to pay prompty all fines or damages charged to me, and give prompt notice of any changes in my address or loss/theft of my card.
Lower Moreland *
For Children under 18:
As parent/guardian of the child named above, I give permission for him/her selection of materials and make sure he/she will obey all library rules. By selecting yes to the following question you are giving your child permission to use the library and will take full responsibility of their actions concerning library property.
As parent/guardian of the above child, I hererby agree to the above statement.
My child has permission to use the internet:
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