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Please select the most appropriate score based on your agreement with the given statement
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Alumni is required to assess “Rating” of trait/knowledge area taught to him/her according to each question on scale of 1 to 5 where the rubrics of this scale is defined as:
5: Excellent   4: Very Good   3: Good   2: Satisfactory   1: Unsatisfactory
PEO 1: Demonstrate strong competence and analytical skills in the field of Metallurgical Engineering.
Q1. Possess competency in fundamental engineering knowledge. *
Q2. Ability to apply fundamental knowledge in the engineering profession *
Q3. Use of Computer Tools in solving Engineering Problem *
Q4. Ability to conduct research using current methods and techniques *
PEO 2: Work, manage and communicate effectively in multi-disciplinary teams.
Q5. You have been involved in a project related to the solution of an engineering or related problem. *
Q6. Ability to conduct presentation *
Q7. Has a good command of oral communication *
Q8. You have been involved in a research and innovation related activity. *
PEO-3: Carry on professional and ethical values and commitment towards continuous professional growth and embroil with lifelong learning.
Q9. You have a successful career and are at middle management level. *
Q10. Capable of fulfilling the clients'/management needs *
Q11. You have been involved in a project related to societal, technical / business issues *
Suggestions (for the improvement of the programme) *
Noteworthy accomplishments (promotions, continuing education, awards, honours, patents, etc.) *
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