Diplomatervezés épületszerkezettani konzultáció jelentkezés (Building construction subtask registration for Diploma design project) - 2019 ősz (2019 Fall)
A jelentkezés menetét a honlapunkon található szabályzat tartalmazza. http://epszerk.bme.hu/index.php?id=C0115

(The process of the application can be read on our website in the Diploma Project Studio Regulation. www.epszerk.bme.hu

Selection of Building construction consultant for Diploma design project - 2019 Fall

The selection of Building construction consultant for the Diploma design project is done electronically, based on the preferences of both student and teacher. For the purpose of this guide both student and teacher will be referred to as a 'he', to simplify the text.

As a first step the student must name three consultants in order of preference via the online registration form. We suggest that the student talk to the teacher beforehand, to see if he will be available to consult or not. The registration form can be found here: Registration.

As the second step the consultant will choose which of the students that have marked him as preferred he will take on. The number of students each teacher can accept is limited by their current capacity, which can be found here: Current capacities. Students can check if their preferred consultant(s) can accept them or not through a list posted by the department. The list of accepted students can be found here: Results.

In case the student wasn't accepted by any of the preferred teachers, then he can register to consultants that still have free capacity. Consultants with full capacity cannot be chosen. Any new registration from a student will overwrite their previous ones. It is the responsibility of the student to repeat the above steps until he is accepted by one of the teachers, which he can check in the list mentioned above.

Consultations will take place at times agreed upon by the teacher and the student. Students will receive an accompanying sheet, on which the consultant will register progress with his signature.

The tasks involved in the MSc Diploma design project are specified by the Diploma project requirements (http://architect.bme.hu/files/upload/DIPLOMA_2017_EN.pdf), an excerpt of the requirements for the different Diploma courses with links to the official documents can be found on our website (http://epszerk.bme.hu/index.php?id=C06).)
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Please select the three consultants (with EN sign) that you would most like to work with during your diploma project in order of preference. We advise you to check beforehand with each teacher if they have the capacity or not.
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