MDTP Open-Response Items 2022-2023
MDTP offers the following two open-response items:

MDTP Written Response Items (WRIs) are designed to elicit student thinking and quantitative reasoning around foundational mathematical topics and concepts.  Each MDTP WRI aligns to MDTP topics on MDTP diagnostic assessments, and many items can be used at a variety of levels of mathematics study.

MDTP Formative Constructed Response Items (FCRIs) are aligned to specific problems found on MDTP diagnostic tests by topic.  They are designed to provide a short and focused post-intervention assessment of students' understanding of a key mathematical topic or concept and should be administered to students after they have taken an MDTP Assessment of Preparedness or Readiness Test and have engaged in post-testing instructional intervention.  

To access MDTP materials, you must be affiliated with a California Local Educational Agency (LEA) recognized by the California Department of Education. If you are a mathematics educator in California, you may request access to these resources by filling out this form below.-
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