"Spill the Tea" Blog Feature on LizDelton.com
I'm starting a new feature on my blog, also to be shared on social media, featuring blog posts about book news.
Why "Spill the Tea"? My readers all know I am a huge tea addict, and I talk about tea a lot on social media, hence the tea-themed blog series.
Check out previous posts in the series here: http://www.lizdelton.com/category/spill-the-tea/

For books that are any of the following:
* Fantasy
* Sci-Fi
* Speculative Fiction

This feature is for:
* New Release
* Pre-order alert
* Cover Reveal
* Or something else newsworthy

Sorry, NOT looking for:
- Romance as the *main* plot
- Books that contain excessive explicit language or erotica, or sexually suggestive book covers.

I reserve the right to choose which books will or will not be featured. Affiliate links will be used. This post feature is free for you. I want new blog content to post. It's win/win for both of us.

Right now, only one Spill the Tea feature PER BOOK (For example, I won't do a preorder alert, and then a release date post for the same book.)

Please follow me on one of my channels to see the post:
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If your cover is not yet public, please include a link where I can download the cover image in advance of the cover reveal date.
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Choose one or come up with one fun fact of your own. Do you have a favorite tea? Is there tea in your book somewhere? What kind of tea would one of your characters drink?
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