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I hereby request you to allow him / her to take part in all the activities connected with the above mentioned Smart Teen
event during the running of the workshop during the specified period at the above mentioned venue. Such activities could
include scavenger hunts, wide games, team building games or similar activities.
I hereby appoint and authorise the Facilitator in charge to act in my place as Guardian with the full authority to consent to
my son / daughter / ward undergoing necessary surgical or other medical treatment. I undertake to pay the cost of such
treatment. I fully understand and accept that all activities are undertaken at my son’s / daughter’s / ward’s own risk.
I am aware that neither Smart Teens nor its facilitators accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage that the person
or property of my son / daughter / ward may sustain whilst engaged in any Smart Teen activity and I waive any right that I
or my son / daughter / ward may have to claim compensation against Smart teens or any of it facilitators or other
members in respect of any loss, injury or damage incurred whilst engaged in any activity howsoever arising and whether as
a result of negligence or otherwise and I indemnify them against all such claims.
I am aware that the Smart Teens workshop is an active and adventure-filled one, which at times includes dangerous
activities such as ( but not limited to ) pioneering, orienteering, swimming, stalking and general team building games
depending on which workshop in running at the time & which one my teen is attending. I am aware that these activities
may be viewed at and that I can discuss any concerns that I may have with the workshop content
with the facilitator team.
Photography & Video: There will be photographs and video taken of the S.M.A.R.T Teens Workshop which will be used on
our website and Social Media to further promote the Workshop. Please advise us if there is any concern regarding this
prior to the event. Should your child arrive at the event without any concern expressed, we’ll accept that we have your
consent to do so.
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