Newsroom Survey
Dear Respondent,

Thank you for taking this survey, it is designed to help discover the best media organization to work for using your assessment of your organisation's ability to satisfy needs that have been classified according to the parameters below:

- Physiological needs
- Safety needs
- Belonging
- Esteem
- Self Actualization
- Policies
- Welfare

These parameters are built into every section of the questionnaire and will serve as a guide to accessing the individual's relationship with the organization, their colleagues and the environment in which all parties operate.

At the end of it, the best newsrooms to work for will be ranked based on your responses and will be awarded accordingly.

This first-of-its-kind approach to recognizing and celebrating excellence in the media industry based on the staff's perception of the organization rather than just the products of their work is important especially in view of increased advocacy for better welfare for journalists.

This will take less than 5 minutes.

Thank you!
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Background Information
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What structural level would you say you are in your newsroom? *
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Company Focus and Goals
For this section, please pick an option of the available, which represents a range from 1 - Very False to 5 - Very True
I understand the long term and short term goals of my organization *
I am adequately informed of developments within my department and the organization *
I have a clear path for career advancement in my organization *
I understand, approve and subscribe totally to the values of the organization *
The management does not portray the values of the organization *
The organization has the adequate staff strength needed to achieve its goals *
The company has a good way of keeping employees informed about matters affecting us *
I feel free to suggest or come up with new and better ways to do things *
How well does the company accommodate and/or exemplify work/life effectiveness *
Would you advise a friend to apply for a job at your company? *
Job Satisfaction and Development
For this section, please pick an option of the available, which represents a range from 1 - Very False to 5 - Very True
Overall I enjoy and I’m satisfied with my job *
My work gives me a feeling of personal accomplishment *
I don’t get the reward and recognition I deserve for the work I do *
I engage in tasks that build my personal capacity and help develop my skills *
I have a good degree of decision autonomy *
I don’t feel valued in this organization *
I have fun at work *
I believe my job is secure *
I believe I work with the best team for the job *
I can nominate my organization as the best newsroom to work for in the country *
Social/Working Environment/Benefits
For this section, please pick an option of the available, which represents a range in which: 1 - Very False & 5 - Very True
We have an excellent office workspace and layout *
I have the best tools and resources to do my job well *
The company has a positive image in the minds of my friends and family *
The company interacts with me as a human being not a mere tool *
I trust my colleagues and their intentions towards me *
I have adequate benefits and support (Includes health coverage, pension, insurance, leave (maternity and paternity), leave allowance etc. *
My work environment is safe *
I get adequate security arrangements for my assignments *
My salary is adequate for my position and contribution to the organization *
I am secure in my day to day activities and movements because the organization will intervene if anything unexpected happens *
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