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Web Ninja Affiliate Partners are a network of trusted companies working with Web Ninja to help clients sell online and streamline their business systems & processes.

If you have Wholesale or Retail customers who could benefit from integrating their accounting package with an online ordering solution then the Affiliate program is the one for you.

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Terms & Conditions
By completing and returning this document to Web Ninja you agree to Web Ninja contacting any client referred to them on your behalf to quote integrated B2B or B2C solutions. A commission of the web store project cost will be paid to the you for every client you refer to Web Ninja that results in a sale. Clients may be referred to Web Ninja via phone or email. A client will be deemed a referral once the quote is accepted and the initial deposit is paid, and both the partner and Web Ninja have confirmed the client as a referral. Commissions are only paid for the initial referral / job referred to Web Ninja. Ongoing or additional work requested including but not limited to graphic design, marketing and printed material, custom development features, e-mail marketing and project management time are not included if sold after the initial
sale. Commissions are paid monthly based on paid customer invoices.

You acknowledge that your continued membership as a Affiliate Partner is not guaranteed and that Web Ninja reserves the right to terminate your membership if in its discretion it is deemed necessary to do so.
In all cases Web Ninja may terminate your membership on no less than thirty days prior written notice.

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