US Quidditch Cup 13: From Home Among Us Tournament Competitor Signup - SPOTS ARE FULL, BUT SIGN UP NOW TO JOIN THE WAITLIST!
In March and April, USQ will be hosting our very first video game tournament, featuring Among Us*! Everyone in the quidditch community is welcome to compete, even outside of the US. Prizes will include merchandise and USQ memberships.

Registration fee: free to USQ members, $5/competitor otherwise. Tickets can be purchased at

The competition will occur late-March to mid-April, with bracket play taking place April 17-18, 2021. This form will ask you for your availability, your final dates will be determined based on that along with the availability of your opponents.

For full information about the event, including the rules and details, visit

Questions? Email

*All rights to Among Us belong to InnerSloth Studios, US Quidditch has no affiliation with InnerSloth Studios, nor is this event endorsed by them in any way.
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Email *
General Information and Availability
Please note that all spots are now full. We encourage you to join the waitlist, and we will reach out if a spot opens up. Thank you!
Name *
Pronouns *
ex. They/Them, Ze/Zir, She/They, He/They, She/Her, etc.
Phone Number
In case we need to contact you on short notice, either immediately before the tournament or during it, your phone number would be vital. If you include your number here, you are acknowledging we have permission to text and/or call you at this number for information related to this event. Please enter your number in the format 1234567890, no dashes or symbols.
Please rank the times that you are available, in order of your preference. You may rank multiple times as the same preference, so if multiple times work perfectly for you, please rank them all as "I can make this time" and so on. Please pick an option for each time, you'll need to scroll to see them all!
Your assigned round time will be your highest ranked choice that works alongside the choices of your fellow players, taking your time preference and region into account. The "Championship Match" times at the end are only applicable if you earn first or second place in your round, but we would like to estimate your availability now. We will ask finalists their availability again once they qualify.
Friday, March 19 6pm-8pm EST
Friday, March 19 7pm-9pm EST
Friday, March 19 8pm-10pm EST
Saturday, March 20 6pm-8pm EST
Saturday, March 20 7pm-9pm EST
Saturday, March 20 8pm-10pm EST
Sunday, March 21 6pm-8pm EST
Sunday, March 21 7pm-9pm EST
Sunday, March 21 8pm-10pm EST
Friday, March 26 6pm-8pm EST
Friday, March 26 7pm-9pm EST
Friday, March 26 8pm-10pm EST
Saturday, March 27 6pm-8pm EST
Saturday, March 27 7pm-9pm EST
Saturday, March 27 8pm-10pm EST
Sunday, March 28 6pm-8pm EST
Sunday, March 28 7pm-9pm EST
Sunday, March 28 8pm-10pm EST
Friday, April 2 6pm-8pm EST
Friday, April 2 7pm-9pm EST
Friday, April 2 8pm-10pm EST
Saturday, April 3 6pm-8pm EST
Saturday, April 3 7pm-9pm EST
Saturday, April 3 8pm-10pm EST
Sunday, April 4 6pm-8pm EST
Sunday, April 4 7pm-9pm EST
Sunday, April 4 8pm-10pm EST
Friday, April 9 6pm-8pm EST
Friday, April 9 7pm-9pm EST
Friday, April 9 8pm-10pm EST
Saturday, April 10 6pm-8pm EST
Saturday, April 10 7pm-9pm EST
Saturday, April 10 8pm-10pm EST
Sunday, April 11 6pm-8pm EST
Sunday, April 11 7pm-9pm EST
Sunday, April 11 8pm-10pm EST
CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Friday, April 16 6pm-8pm EST
CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Friday, April 16 7pm-9pm EST
CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Friday, April 16 8pm-10pm EST
CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Saturday, April 17 6pm-8pm EST
CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Saturday, April 17 7pm-9pm EST
CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Saturday, April 17 8pm-10pm EST
CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Sunday, April 18 6pm-8pm EST
CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Sunday, April 18 7pm-9pm EST
CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Sunday, April 18 8pm-10pm EST
I can make this time
I can likely make this time.
I cannot make this time.
Do you have a USQ Membership for the 2020-2021 season? *
For the purposes of this question, a USQ Membership refers to an Adult Player Membership, Virtual Player Membership, Referee Membership, or Fan Membership.
Streaming Information and Tournament Policies
Tournament Rules & Details (for the full document, with the Terms & Conditions and Event Waiver, visit
As a part of the tournament, you will be required to stream your gameplay via Twitch. What is your Twitch URL? (If you do not yet have a Twitch account, please take a moment to create one now, at *
No prior Twitch experience is required, we will assist you in setting up your stream.
As a part of the tournament, you will be required to join a Discord audio channel. What is your Discord username? (If you do not yet have a Discord account, please take a moment to create one now, at *
No prior Discord experience is required, we will assist you in setting up your Discord audio.
How will you be playing Among Us? *
You must install Among Us on a device that you can Twitch stream from. We recommend streaming from a computer (which would require you purchase Among Us for about $5 via Steam), but there are other options.
Please agree to the following conditions: *
Governing Body, Region, Team, and Comments
What governing body are you a part of? *
What USQ region are you located in? *
Visit to see what state your region is in. Select N/A if you are not in a USQ region.
If you are representing a USQ team (meaning you would like them listed next to your entry, and when your stream is displayed), please select it below.
If you are not representing a USQ team, please skip this question. If you do not see your team listed, please indicate it in the next question.
Do you have any questions or comments?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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