Lauri's Farewell Party
Please join us on May 21, 2017 at 3pm to celebrate, thank, reminisce, and give best wishes to Lauri and her family before they leave for Lake Logan. There will be activities, including swimming, canoeing, and archery from 3-5:30. There will be a BBQ dinner at 5:30 and activities will resume afterwards. A signature cocktail will be provided, but BYOB. Food will be provided and the event will take place on the camp side of Gravatt.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Taylor at or 803-648-1817.

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I (we) understand that participation in certain activities (including but not limited to ropes course, wildlife study, swimming, boating, archery, hiking, etc.) at Gravatt may be physically and emotionally demanding. I affirm to the best of my ability that my health is good, and that I am not under a physician’s care for any undisclosed condition that might endanger my health or that of other participants.

I recognize the inherent risk of physical injury that could result from any of these activities. I release, discharge, and hold harmless Gravatt, its employees and agents from any and all liability from any injury to me from participation in activities at Gravatt Camp & Conference Center.

I give Gravatt staff permission, in case of accident or injury, to administer standard first aid and/or arrange transportation to a medical facility.

I also release Gravatt to record—via still photo, video, audio, or other methods—likenesses of myself for use as promotional material to be used by Gravatt, the American Camp Association, and its agents. I understand these recordings may be edited at the discretion of Camp Gravatt and may be published in promotional videos, brochures, websites, newspapers, and other media. I hereby waive all rights to compensation for the use of these recordings.

In the event that participant is a minor, I give permission for full participation of said minor and affirm the above statements as the minor’s parent or legal guardian.

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