Mobile Healthcare Hygiene
Thank you for helping us assess the extent of dirty electronics & understand hygienic practices of healthcare workers.

This enhanced World Health Organization questionnaire for global participants is anonymous with private information.
It should take you less than 10 minutes to complete this questionnaire.
- Try to limit one answer only for each question.
- Please read the questions carefully & respond spontaneously.
- Your answers are anonymous & will be kept confidential.


Mobile device: Handheld electronic device.

Hand-rubbing: Treatment of hands with an antiseptic handrub (alcohol-based formulation).

Hand-washing: Washing hands with plain or antimicrobial soap and water.

Service: A branch of a hospital staff that provides specified patient care.

Ward: A division, floor, or room of a hospital for a particular category or group of patients (it corresponds to the smallest segmentation of the health-care facility; one service can include multiple wards).

Where are you currently working?
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