Afripreneur AgentMe Agent Request
Afripreneur AgentMe Agent Request
Afripreneur AgentMe Agent Request
Please respond to the following questions so we can connect you to the right sales/marketing/business development agents who sell for you and are continuously trained for free by us.
What is your name? *
kindly enumerate your complete name (surname and first name)
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What is the name of your Business? *
What is the name of the company who needs the agents?
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Phone Number(s) *
Whatsapp number first. kindly enumerate all the numbers we can use to reach you
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Email Address *
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Business Address *
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What do you do in your business? *
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Explain your Business in detail *
Please give a detailed explanation of all you do in your business that the Agent should know.
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What do you need the Agent(s) to do? *
Please explain (a) what the sales agent(s) will do, (b) how many you need, (c) locations where you want them, (d) minimum educational level (e) Male or Female or Any (f) What extra skills do you need from the agents(s)
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What do you plan to pay? *
[(AGENT SERVICE SUBSCRIPTION FEE) + (COMMISSION)] // [SUBSCRIPTION FEE] SHARED AGENT (working 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week): (N10,000, N20,000, N30,000 or N40,000 minimum per month) DEDICATED AGENT (working five days per week): (N50,000 minimum per month) // [COMMISSION] - any percentage or amount. // [Note - BASIC SERVICE FEES HIGHER THAN MINIMUM ARE MORE ATTRACTIVE]
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Agent Request Type *
Please let us know the exact type of Agent(s) you want.
Request Urgency *
Agent(s) Manager Details *
Please provide us with the Full name, phone number(s) and email of the representative of your business that will manage the Agent(s) during the Agent Service
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How did you hear about Afripreneur AgentMe?
Please via what channel(s) did you get to know about & request for Agents on Afripreneur AgentMe?
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REQUEST PROCESSING FEE: 1 - 3 Agents @ N2,000; 4 - 10 Agents @ N5,000; 11 - 20 Agents @ N10,000;21 - 30 Agents @ N15,000;31 - 40 Agents @ N20,000;41 - 50 Agents @ N25,000;51 - 60 Agents @ N30,000;61 - 70 Agents @ N35,000;71 - 80 Agents @ N40,000;81 - 90 Agents @ N45,000;91 - 100 Agents @ N50,000;Over 100 Agents (Please contact us)
After submitting this, we will send you an invoice to process the request.
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