TEDxKeene Presenter Nomination Form
Show time: October 3rd, 2019
Location: The Colonial Theater, Keene, NH

Do you have a presenter in mind for the 3rd annual TEDxKeene?

Awesome, thank you for kicking off our intellectual rush experience.

This year's theme, REACT REFLECT RESPOND, will invite audience introspection through powerful presentations that explore how we encounter, understand and answer the complexities of our world.

We seek 6-8 presenters using diverse mediums to share experiences that evoke mind-body connections. Presentations may include more than one person.

There is no limit to how many people you may nominate and self-nomination is allowed!

Your nomination will be pooled with all the others, then evaluated based on the answers you give here. TEDxKeene organizers will invite the highest ranking nominees to submit an application to become a presenter.

This form collects personal contact information to enable TEDxKeene organizers' continued contact with you. Your information will never be shared with another organization.

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