Little Luxuries Staff 2020
Thank you for your interest in working for Little Luxuries!

Little Luxuries has blossomed into a charming gift shop that’s filled to the brim with home accents, body products, stationery, accessories, handmade goods, and more.

In addition to Little Luxuries, we have a sister store, Artists Market. Artists Market carries more than 100 artists and 75% of our items are Michigan-made. Our brother store, Canvas and Paddle is a slow-paced shopping experience in the middle of bustling Main Street. Canvas & Paddle's uniquely curated collection evokes memories of trips to the old cabin, walks through the woods, and swimming off the dock.

Our stores celebrates the spontaneous discoveries that happen when you slow down, stroll around, and embrace life’s simple joys.

Please fill out the questions below. I look forward to getting to know more about you and possibility working with you during the 2020 season on Mackinac Island!

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