Free Code Camp Owerri Meetup, v1.0
Free Code Camp Owerri Meetup, v1.0 is a one day hands on code peer programming session for developers: newbie and pros. It is aimed at gathering programmers (beginners and Pros) in Owerri at Youth for Technology Foundation to learn coding interactively. It is a one day event of just about 5 hours (10am - 3pm). It will feature grouping of participants into beginner, intermediate and advanced level groups to learn how to solve computer algorithm using JavaScript programming language. Each group will be moderated by a pro who has experience in solving algorithm challenges using JavaScript and has volunteered to help others learn.

Event Details:

Theme: Demystifying Algorithm Scripting Challenges
Date: Saturday 11th November, 2017
Time: 10pm - 3pm
Youth for Technology Foundation
World Bank (Last Round About) Owerri
Behind Sure Care Medical Lab

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