2024 HGEC Registration Form
Thank you for choosing to join us.  Please complete and return this form prior to semester starting.
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1. Name, Age and Birthdate of the Youth Member *
2. Name of Parent(s) *
3. Care of People (Self & Others), Places (Our Home-exterior and interior), and Things (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment):
We operate out of the HGEC Founder's residence (our home).  The property is fully furnished and not child proofed.  Everything that is available to an adult is available to Youth.  The youth member to adult ratio and our self-determined, interest-based, education pedagogy, values liberation and free-movement of youth members.  Therefore we request members in the program are self-managed and do not cause harm to self, other people, places or things, and instead are inclined to be kind to resources available to the community through this program.
I understand HGEC functions out of a private residence and I confirm my child is self-managed enough to not intentionally or with malignant intent cause harm to People, Places or Things.  They are not demonstrating behaviors that can be harmful to self or others. *
4.  Limited Physical Contact
Due to a host of concerns and conditions arising out of physical touch: such as a touch being intimate or not, playful for one but maybe not the other, uncertainty about consent requested and received, and more, HGEC requests folks refrain from physical contact beyond what is experienced in sports, like basketball, tag, capture the flag, and similar.
My child and I have read and accept the Physical Contact Guideline. *
5. Mask Requirements: 

If you're not feeling well, please stay home.  If you're coughing and sneezing, or have other symptoms that could be allergies or flu, please use community care as the compass in choosing to mask indoors or in close proximity to others while playing outdoors.
6. Lifestyle, Health & Nutrition: 

HGEC is committed to supporting and modeling a healthy and holistic lifestyle for our community.  We want to enhance conditions that are optimal for a compassionate learning environment.  

In 2024, we have added 30 min. of Physical Education opportunity each day.  Exercise is shown to improve physical and mental states.  

Additionally, we want to support nutrition that helps people feel their best during the day. Balanced foods (protein, carbs and fats) that support sustained energy are encouraged.  HGEC is willing to work with each family (or collaborate with multiple families) should support be needed.  We want to alleviate the burden of the morning lunch packing with creatively thinking of options with parents and youth members.  

Folks are empowered to tend to the needs of their body's rhythm here,  including following their own eating schedule.  Some folks do better with smaller meals throughout the day and others prefer 3-meals a day routine.  

A space to rest is available on the 2nd floor, if night sleep is impacting active presence.  Please encourage your child to ask to use this space should they feel a need.  We will do the same here if we observe exhaustion.  

Finally, we encourage folks to take random "Well Days" off, as the weather, mood and family conditions allow.  If you have the flexibility to go play, please let us know and go for it.  (We'd request special consideration for times where others are dependent on individual participation, such as Theater once roles have been identified).  
6B. Mental Health: Social Media & Personal Devices: 

Our primary purpose in connecting is for youth to orient towards self-determined learning in community.  To support the conditions most conducive to in-person interconnectedness in our community we have boundaries around personal devices.

The use of personal devices (phones for social media streaming and gaming consoles) had been pervasive, and distracting in 2023; therefore not in alignment with HGEC values of Learning and Authentic Connection. If devices are brought to the campus to communicate with parents, they must be kept in the lockers and used individually when needed. Access to Google, YouTube, and other human-paced learning modalities is available at HGEC on laptops. If the need for tools exceeds HGEC's supply, we may request folks bring their laptops.
7. Membership Contract
HGEC provides planned opportunities, known as "offerings" resulting from the interests of the youth members in the Maker Group and goal focused "classes" for our Visionary Group. 

HGEC provides support and feedback to its members to have experiences that involve play, learning and a sense of belonging of their authentic self, without judgement.

HGEC does not provide grades or certification for its members.  HGEC encourages its members to meet local requirements for homeschooling families, where applicable and will support all efforts to comply with these requirements. HGEC does not guarantee that its members will fulfill all or any aspects of their curriculum plans and is not responsible for portfolios deemed insufficient by any authorities, including TEA.  Compliance is a family concern and HGEC works with homeschooling families regardless of their status in this area.

HGEC Members are free to come and go from the center when accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or adult named in the Parent Intake Form.  

The facilitators do not monitor or restrict the movement of the youth members while on-premises.  Members are encouraged to engage in activities they themselves deem safe for their own bodies, such as gymnastics on trampoline and such. HGEC is not responsible for its members' behavior or safety towards one's own self.  We trust the youth member enrolled in HGEC, Inc. has self-responsibility and regulation and does not need parental supervision to engage in safe behavior with self or others.  

HGEC provides a welcoming environment for its members. Behaviors that are illegal or make the environment physically or emotionally unsafe for others may be cause for rescinding the Youth Member(s) invitation to join HGEC.  This could occur if repeated attempts at requesting behavioral change for the community's benefit are dismissed by choice or conditions beyond one's control.  We are minimally staffed and not licensed as a child-care center.
I have read and accept this contract. *
8. Indemnity Agreement
This Indemnity Agreement (“Agreement”), is by and between the "Parents" noted on item 2 of this document, he/she/they are the parent of Youth Member ("Child" or "Children") noted on item 1 of this document, and HGEC, Inc., including ASIF MAHMOOD AND SABRINA MAHMOOD (referred to herein as “Facilitators”).
WHEREAS, Parents provide a home schooling community and educational services to Child at the residence of the Facilitators;  
WHEREAS, Child or Children may get injured during their community or educational services;  
WHEREAS, Facilitators desire to limit their liability in case that a Child or Children get injured at the Facilitators’ residence;
Accordingly, the Parents and Facilitators, agree as follows:

In consideration of my participation and the participation of my child/children in the activities of HGEC, Inc., at its' location on 2515 Rosedale St., I hereby release HGEC, Inc. from any and all liability for injuries or loss which I or my minor child/children may incur as a result of said activities for so long as I or my child/children participate in said activities.  I hereby acknowledge that some activities may involve playing without caution, or working with potentially dangerous materials, such as in woodshop projects.

However, I fully accept these risks for me and my child/children and agree to hold harmless and free from any and all liability HGEC, Inc., its governors, officers, directors, contractors, volunteers, agents, and employees for injuries that may be incurred while engaged in said activities.
I have read and accept this Indemnity Agreement. *
Pollcies on Over the Counter Medication & EpiPen Administration
9. HGEC will not provide Non-prescription (over-the-counter) Medication.   Please pack any medication you feel your child may need to self-administer.  It is the parent's responsibility to disclose any OTC medications in possession of the Youth Member. *
10. My child has a severe reaction to allergin(s) noted below.  I will train the Facilitators on the use of EpiPen for my child and give permission to the Facilitators and their agents to administer the dosage as instructed on site.  Please mark all that apply. *
11. Photography
We take pictures during HGEC’s daily activities.  This photo journalism serves as record keeping of attendance and involvement in any given day's activities.

And, HGEC would like your permission to use these pictures on our website, in our newsletter (if any), and in our promotional materials. These photographs will NOT be posted on social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter, or similar, without written permission for specific photographs.
We will use them exclusively for HGEC’s purposes to construct a record of time spent together, such as a yearbook, share information with parents or to inform potential new member parents of our culture and experiences.
I understand your request to Photograph. *
12. Is there anything else we should know, or is an explanation for any of the previous answers needed? Please let us know here.
13. Confirmation and Authorization
I have read and I understand the entirety of this registration form, and I accept all of its provisions as indicated specifically by my responses.  I acknowledge my electronic signature below will serve as valid authorized signature.
Electronic signature of Parent or Legal Guardian: *
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