TL;DR Book Series: Co-Author Interest Form
As mentioned in this podcast (, I've written a book ( specifically targeted at Colorado public school employees that discusses financial literacy in the context of our state pension plan (Colorado PERA). It's been suggested (by Dan and Scott, as well as by others), that we create similar books for other states.

This is all brainstorming at this point, but my initial thinking is to "mirror" the original book, both because I think the concept and organization does a decent job of what I was hoping to accomplish, and because it will make it much easier (and much quicker) to write the versions for other states. Part 1 pretty much stands alone and could be reused almost word for word, with just a few changes to a couple of Colorado specific examples (although it can always be improved).

Part 2 would then shift from focusing on Colorado PERA to focusing on the state pension plan for the new state, but essentially be in the same format and style.

Part 3 would then again mirror the original book, but in terms of how this state's pension plan benefits might affect a participant's other financial decisions.

Part 4 will be similar to the Colorado book, but a much simpler set of scenarios for your state, with accompanying (simplified) spreadsheets.

And then the conclusion would be, well, the conclusion, again tweaked for what Parts 1-3 look like at that point.

I'd like the book to keep "evolving" over time as I hopefully get good ideas from co-authors (while resisting making it so long that it ends up being tl;dr - so trying to keep it short even if that means leaving some things out). As we publish each new state, that edition would get added to the TL;DR Series page on Amazon (

While I can research each state's pension plan, tax laws, typical school district benefits, etc., what we're looking for in co-authors is someone in that state who is actually living and breathing it (or has lived and breathed it). Someone who can be the local "expert" in what that state's pension plan and tax laws have to offer, the subtleties and quirks that an outsider might not know about, and can reach out to others in their state to get their perspectives about what's important to know about the pension plan, tax laws, and school district benefits. This person will also have an interest in financial literacy in general and be comfortable talking about these topics. I would still be the "main" author in the sense that I would be responsible for most of the work, but it would still be a time commitment on your part. We would be listed as co-authors on the book.

If this is of interest to you, please complete the following form and I will follow up with you. I have no idea how much interest there will be in this so, if there is a lot of interest, the timelines for completing each version may get (very) extended. Please keep in mind that this will not be a huge financial windfall for you. You will hopefully make a little bit in royalties, but the main purpose is to help make a difference in other folks' financial lives.

States we have so far:

* Alaska (TRS, completed)
* Arizona (ASRS, completed)
* California (CalSTRS, completed)
* Colorado (PERA, completed)
* Georgia (TRSGA, discussion stage)
* Illinois (TRS, completed)
* Indiana (INPRS, completed)
* Iowa (IPERS, completed)
* Maine (MainePERS, completed)
* Massachusetts (MTRS, completed)
* Minnesota (TRA, completed)
* Missouri (PSRS/PEERS, completed)
* Nebraska (NPERS, completed)
* New Hampshire (NHRS, completed)
* New Jersey (NJPERS/TPAF, completed)
* New York State (NYSTRS, completed)
* New York City (TRSNYC, completed)
* Ohio (STRS, completed)
* Oregon (OREGON PERS, completed)
* Pennsylvania (PSERS, completed)
* St. Paul (SPTRFA, completed)
* Texas (TRS, discussion stage)
* Virginia (VRS, completed)
* Washington (TRS, completed)
* Washington DC (DC Teacher Retirement System, in progress)
* Wyoming (WRS, completed)
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