Spon Gen Audition Info Form 17-18
Please fill out before audition

You will need to turn in the printed audition packet on the day of the audition.
Student's First Name
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Parent or Guardian #1 First name
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Schedule Information and Conflicts
Read and Complete the next section thoroughly. Conflicts will weigh heavily in the casting process. We are looking to cast actors who are available for all rehearsal times.
New conflicts submitted after auditions will not be accepted without approval by Mr. Brown.
Monday 3PM-9PM
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Tuesday 3PM-9PM
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Wednesday 3PM-9PM
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Thursday 3PM-9PM
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Friday 3PM-9PM
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Saturdays 9AM-6PM
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One Time Conflicts between 10/24-4/10/18.This includes College Auditions. List specific dates and times.
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Theatre Ink Production Expectations
All students and staff should be professional and have fun working on this production as positive and supportive collaborative artists.
Be in good academic standing.
You must be in school in order to attend rehearsals and performances. You must be passing 20 credits
Be present and on time.
If you are late or absent from 2 rehearsals without approval you will meet with Mr. Brown to discuss your continuation in the production. Valid excuses are an illness, a death in the family, unexpected emergencies,etc. In case of emergency, you must contact your stage manager and/or Mr. Brown via email. Communication is the key to good relationships during a production.
Props and Costumes
All students are responsible for their props and costumes. If damaged or lost while in your possession, you are responsible for the replacement cost.
Cleanliness in all spaces
All students will keep all spaces clean throughout the process. There will be no food or drink allowed on the stage at anytime. Water only!
Productive rehearsals
All students will use the rehearsal process productively both on and off stage. . Actors who are waiting to work on stage should be memorizing lines, reviewing blocking, dances, music, or reading materials related to the production. Remember: you are a student first, so we strongly encourage you to do homework at rehearsal if there is time. Please bring snacks and water!
Peer support
All students must be supportive of each other's roles in this production. It is important to communicate with one another in a respectful manner. Students will work hard to create and maintain a safe environment based off mutual respect and encouragement. Whether onstage or offstage, all roles in this production are equally important.
Crew Hours
All students will complete 6 technical theatre shop/stage crew hours during the rehearsal process. Any student who does not complete their hours will not be allowed to participate in another production until completed. Seniors will not be eligible for Senior Awards or recognition if not completed.
Strike and final clean-up.
All students are required to attend the full stage strike on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after the production from 3-8pm.
Responsibility Regarding Alcohol and Illicit Drugs
Theatre Ink will follow the NNHS student rights handbook policy. In addition, if a student violates this policy they will meet with the Director of Theatre Ink and their parents to determine continued involvement in the production and/or the program. We will work collaboratively with students, parents and staff in order to support students and ensure their safety both physically and emotionally.
Use of Social Media
Theatre Ink strives to create a welcoming and collaborative environment among our students, staff and community. We ask for your help to continue healthy communication via social media. Students in the theatre program will be held accountable for information posted on any Internet Social Community including, but not limited to, questionable photography, obscene/inappropriate language, verbal slurs, slanderous and hurtful information. We want to raise awareness among our students regarding the appropriate use of social media and both the positive and negative implications it can bring to a student and/or organization. Always remember you represent yourself and Theatre Ink as long as you are a student in the program. Students should feel supported, appreciated and respected by their peers in the theatre department. If you have a concern regarding online chatter or an inappropriate use of social media, please notify Mr. Brown. We want our students to remain positive and feel safe both online and being involved in the program.
Both student and staff directors always strive to cast fairly, with the guiding objective of assembling the overall cast that will best serve the directorial vision for the show. This requires many hours of careful analysis by the directors and Mr. Brown, who take their responsibility in this area very seriously. Mr. Brown watches every audition and participates as a mediator and guide through every casting process. Theatre Ink casting decisions are not based on seniority (grade level in school), or years of participation in the program. This is a firm programmatic value arrived at after years of assembling casts, and seeing the exciting results that come from having students collaborate across the grade spectrum from freshman to senior, each cast solely on his or her fit for a given role as revealed through a rigorous and thoughtful audition process. Auditioning for a show can be competitive and sometimes daunting. In keeping with the program's emphasis on theatre as a vehicle for learning and individual development, Mr. Brown is available to coach and support students as they seek to improve their speaking, presentation, and performance skills through the audition process. We also offer audition workshops for each production
Theatre Ink values and celebrates diversity of all kinds. Encouraging diversity of participation is an overall goal of the program. Theatre Ink actively encourages all students to participate in productions as members of cast or crew. All students who audition are considered equally in an inclusive environment and in accordance with Theatre Ink casting principles. Theatre Ink hopes to be a reflection not only of the varied backgrounds and experiences of Newton North's staff and students but also of diverse world cultures, life experiences, and theatrical traditions. By carefully selecting a range of different shows each year we strive to tell theatrical stories that represent the richness of our world while offering a wide range of opportunities for all students.
Casting is a very complex process. Directors must choose students, based on the audition process who best fit the roles for that production. It is possible to have a strong audition and not get cast or placed in the role of your choice. Callbacks are a 2nd round of auditions. Where directors try and match students for specific roles. If not called back you will still be considered for the production. All students should seek feedback from the directors and/or Mr. Brown after the audition process.
For Parents
Due to the large pool your child's audition does not guarantee him or her a role in the show. While disappointment is an inevitable part of the experience, one of our hallmarks is that there are many other ways to get involved. Keep an open mind, and seek out new experiences in addition to auditioning! We also strongly encourage each student to take a Theatre class in acting, technical theatre or costumes offered as an elective to all grade levels. Improv Club during X –blocks will further enhance your child's skills and give them more confidence for the audition process.
If not cast.
If any student is not satisfied with the casting decision the first step is for the student to meet with the directors or Mr. Brown for feedback. If, after that meeting your child did not feel they received valuable feedback, then we encourage you to make a joint parent/student appointment with Mr. Brown. Please be assured that a student's future participation in Theatre Ink will not be jeopardized in any way by having your concerns addressed. Our goal is to support and try to give each student the tools to be successful.
Parent Confirmation***
Once you have filled this out we will send an email to your parent to confirm this information and to add anything you may have been missing. We must get a confirmation email from your parent that they have received this and approve of these conflicts and that you are auditioning for the show..
Signature and Confirmation
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