By-Name List Scorecard 2.0
Updated December 2018

Welcome to the By-Name List Scorecard 2.0 Online Form!

Before completing this online form, communities should make sure they've done the following:

1. Reviewed the BNL Scorecard 2.0 Guide (available here: LINK)
2. Completed the BNL Scorecard 2.0 Worksheet (available in your Community Improvement Portfolio)
3. Completed the 'Provider Participation Tool' (available in your Community Improvement Portfolio)

Once you've completed these three steps, you can submit your responses from your worksheet to this online form.

Submission of your responses helps us track your progress and identify areas for improvement that we can provide on. As a 20K Collaborative Community, we ask that you submit this online form by the end of the following months:

- January 2019
- April 2019
- July 2019
- October 2019

A submission is requested on a quarterly basis until a community reaches 11/11 on Level 1: Basic Quality. Communities are encouraged to continue to work towards Level 2: Advanced Quality. Your score is always available to you in your worksheet, but we'll send an email within 48 hours of completing the online form with a copy of your submission and your score from the online form.

For further detail on the BNL Scorecard, individual questions, scoring and tips, see the By-Name List Scorecard Guide.

Remember - your score is a baseline, not a judgement. It should help you create action plans and measure improvement towards a quality By-Name List. This tool is for your benefit and is not required by any funder or government.

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