Skate Park Permission and Release Agreement; Consent to Emergency Treatment
Off-Campus Event: Permission to leave campus to walk to the Skate Park at Metzler Ranch under the supervision of Renaissance Staff to skateboard and/or scooter as a crew building activity during advisory or lunch.
Off-Campus Location: Skate Park at Metzler Ranch Park
Effective Dates: August 7, 2020 - May 27, 2021

Because this activity will take place away from Renaissance Secondary School facilities, there are some special considerations and procedures which apply. We have outlined these below:

Your child’s participation in this special activity is voluntary. Your consent via electronic signature at the bottom of this form is necessary for your child to participate.

Participation in activities away from school may potentially involve risks and responsibilities for you and your child that are beyond the scope of those normally associated with traditional school functions under our supervision. These may include, for example, personal injury or damage to personal property. We encourage you to inquire in advance concerning the nature and details of each off-campus event and of any potential risks which will be assumed through participation. Skateboarding risks include but are not limited to injuries to the arms, legs, neck and trunk range from cuts and bruises to sprains, strains, and broken bones. Wrist fractures are quite common. Wearing wrist guards has been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of these fractures. Facial injuries, such as a broken nose or jawbone, are also common.
Severe injuries include concussion and other head injuries. By signing below, you acknowledge that you have made yourself aware of any potential risk associated with the off-campus event and that you voluntarily and knowingly assume all such risk.

Renaissance Secondary School’s responsibility for injuries to students, or damage to their property in connection with these activities is defined by Colorado law. Generally, Renaissance Secondary School has immunity from most claims, such as those resulting from the general supervision of students.

Renaissance Secondary School does not have any medical/dental/hospitalization insurance covering students for injuries incurred at school or while on off-campus events. If you have not already done so you should investigate and must obtain medical insurance coverage for your child.

If your child fails to abide by Renaissance Secondary School/Douglas County School District’s rules of conduct and teacher instructions during the event, it may become necessary to discontinue his/her participation in the activity. In that case, you may be responsible for picking up your child immediately.

I hereby give my permission for my child to attend the above referenced off-campus event. I give permission for my child to be transported to and from the event destination via Renaissance Secondary School vehicles, vehicles operated by charter companies, or personal vehicles. I hereby release and hold harmless Renaissance Secondary School, its directors, Board Members, officers, agents, employees, teachers and authorized volunteers from any and all liability, liens, claims, demands, actions or cases of action, whatsoever arising from my child’s participation in the above reference off-campus event.
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