Kansas Beef Council Certificate Program - 2021-2022 School Year Application
This school year's program is funded by a collaboration of Kansas beef producers and the Kansas Corn Commission. Kansas beef producers are pleased to offer beef education resources and reimbursement for beef purchased and used for teaching about beef and nutrition in your Family and Consumer Science foods classes and ProStart programs. Materials/funding are provided by beef producers who fund the $1-per-head Beef Check-off that is collected on the sale of cattle in Kansas.

BEEF GRANT Program - The Kansas Beef Council (KBC) will reimburse Kansas high school and middle school FCS Foods classes and ProStart programs for the purchase of beef used in classes and teaching labs. Your school is eligible for reimbursement based on the number of students enrolled in FCS foods classes and the school classification for ProStart programs. Funds will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Funds are only available to Kansas schools.

These funds provide financial support for the purchase of beef for use in classroom lessons about lean beef selection, storage, preparation and nutrition. The funds are to be used in a classroom activity. Funds are NOT to be used to purchase beef for dinners, prom, concession stands, fundraising, special events, etc.

Current Beef Certificate Program Guidelines:
1. Only beef may be purchased for KBC reimbursement funds and must be used in FCS foods classrooms or ProStart program teaching labs.
2. Qualifying beef purchases include fresh, frozen or fully cooked beef cuts such as steaks, roast or ground beef.
3. To receive reimbursement, receipts for beef purchases must be submitted to KBC. If the receipt only has “meat” listed on the receipt, please write in the cut purchased or include a copy (digital photo) of the label from the package.
4. Receipts MUST include the printed date and be legible. Illegible receipts with no date will NOT be accepted.
5. A lesson plan or syllabus summary also should accompany receipts, showing how these products are being used in the curriculum.
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