Blue Dragon Tai Chi IMA Black Sash Training Application
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Wu Liang Shofu! (May Heaven’s Blessings Be Upon Us!)                                                                         Welcome to Blue Dragon Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts.
Please answer the following questions in a thorough, but concise manner. Your responses will help us decide if this is the right program for you. Please be honest in your consideration of your answers:
Do you have any experience in any of the following? Please check all that apply. *
Of the previously mentioned practices, which ones are you currently practicing on a regular basis? *
What is your motivation for joining the Internal Martial Arts Black Sash Training? *
What experience, knowledge or attributes do you see yourself bringing to Blue Dragon Tai Chi as a new member? *
What aspects of this training do you find the most interesting to you? *
What is your current profession? Are you currently an Instructor? If yes, who do you serve as an instructor? *
Why are you interested specifically in Blue Dragon Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts? *
Are you interested in teaching Tai Chi or are you interested in learning Tai Chi for your personal health and experience? Who are you interested in teaching? Include all that apply. *
This program is a 3 year course and requires time for both practicing and learning. Are you considering or currently involved with any other educational program that requires a considerable amount of time and commitment and/or would be in conflict with this program?  If yes, please provide details: name of school, nature of the program and time remaining for completion. *
How is your health? Do you have any health problems that may interfere with the training requirements? Having a health problem is not a disqualifier for entry into the program, it is merely something that would be useful to know. In your honest opinion, can you reasonably fulfill the requirements? *
What do you see yourself doing should you complete the training? For what purpose would you use all that you have learned and worked for? *
If you are accepted into the BDTC Internal Martial Arts program, when would you be able to start your training? *
Thank you so much for completing the application. We will review your submission and contact you within approximately 7 business days.
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