Drip Irrigation KIT Survey
This survey is designed to obtain a better understanding of which type of drip irrigation kit people are looking for and some general usage of it . Please Note: Do not Confuse! This kit is not a gravitational tower kit for rural areas without water pressure.
Desired Area For Irrigation *
If you need to convert units you can use this site http://www.convertunits.com/from/acre/to/hectare
For What Kind Of Crops The Kit Will Be Used For
Would Your Prefer A Fertilizer Tank Include In the KIT *
Note:This will Raise The Kit Price And also will add Flowback Prevention Device In Case Your Tap Water Is Connected To The Same Source
How Much Pressure In Bar You Have in Your Water Source *
If you Need To Convert PSI To Bars http://www.convertunits.com/from/psi/to/bar
Desired Material For the Irrigation Head Fittings Supplied With the KIT *
NOTE: Compression Fittings Will Raise The KIT Price
Your Irrigated Area Topography *
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