2017-2018 PTF Officer Nomination Form
Thank you for your interest in the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) at VCA.

Are you a FT working mom or dad? PT working mom or dad? Stay at home parent? Are you organized? Creative? Have 1 child or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5?!?! Have kids in high school, middle school or elementary school? Are you new to VCA or a VCA veteran? Do you like to plan events? Do you like to execute tasks? Are you a leader? Are you involved with your church? Would you like to get more involved? Do you like to delegate? Do you like to encourage people? Do you want to network and get to know other families? Do you have passion for VCA?

If you answered YES to any of these questions or know someone who is great in any of these areas, please prayerfully consider how you, or someone you know, can best support this vibrant fellowship organization!

For current position holders and descriptions, please visit the PTF webpage at http://valleychristian.com/support-vca/p.t.f.-news

Available PTF Role Descriptions:
President-Elect: Shadows the President to learn the job to be able to serve as President in the future. Although this role has not been filled in prior years, it is still an option.

Treasurer: Prepares annual budget, monthly budget reports and maintains accurate records of all money received and spent. Writes all checks on behalf of PTF in conjunction with Business Manager. This is someone who loves to crunch numbers. Keeps track of all spending and fundraising and advises on additional funds available for special projects. Helps to keep abreast of new fundraising opportunities.

Sunshine Committee Head: Coordinates the provision of meals, childcare, cleaning or other ways to serve any VCA family experiencing a difficult home situation. Sends cards of cheer, get well wishes, etc to those families in need. This is someone who is tuned in to VCA life and families and keeps their ears open for needs that may arise.

Kickball Tournament Committee Head: This person will plan the event from start to finish to include food, prizes, devotion, and an overall good time. Creates flyers for distribution and collects RSVPs.

Donuts with Dads Committee Head: This person orders and picks up muffins, pastries, juice, etc for the event. Creates flyers for distribution and collects RSVPs. Sets up and cleans up on the day of the event.

Annual Meeting/Parent Dessert Committee Head: The most important meeting of the year!! All parents are requested to attend this annual event. The purpose of this committee is to provide dessert and refreshments during our time together as well as coordinate child care for the night of the event.

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