Morristown, Vermont - Recreation Survey
Please assist Morristown's newly re-formed recreation group in identifying our town's priorities for the recreation needs and interests of our community. Please think of the term "recreation" broadly to include the range of benefits we can receive from recreation and how we choose to spend time: physical, social, artistic, intellectual, and spiritual, etc. Also, when asked, please do not limit your responses below to sports, parks and a single population. Instead, include a range of ideas and potential community offerings. Include interests of your family members and share this with youth in the area as well as all other stakeholders! Contact with any questions and if it would be easier for you to complete this survey verbally, we can make arrangements. Join us for our next meeting to look at the survey responses on Thursday, September 27th 5-6pm at the Tegu Bldg. Thank you!
What do you see as the strengths of Morristown’s recreation opportunities?
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To what degree do you know about the full range of recreation opportunities (programs, places, etc) available in Morristown?
We are collecting information for a new recreation website. If you want to share with our community a recreation (broadly defined) activity or program in Morristown or if you have information that you would like to be listed on a new website we are developing, please add the details below and include a website link if appropriate. You can also email documents to
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How do you get information about recreation opportunities in Morristown? Check all that apply.
What recreation events, programs, services and facilities in Morristown do you currently use? How and where do you recreate in Morristown? Check all that apply. If you have something to add or an answer to a question, please type it in the "other" category at the end of this list.
What types of changes to the recreation opportunities in Morristown (programs/activities/events/facilities) would you like to see in the coming year(s)?
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What do you think can be improved?
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What is the ONE thing you think our town should do to make sure it has a recreation plan for the future that meets your needs/hopes/expectations? (Please list ONLY one thing)
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How would you re-envision Oxbow Park? All ideas welcome.
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Are you interested in helping out with recreation planning for our town? If so, check yes, and email if you want your survey to be anonymous OR of not, add any details and your contact information in the "other" section below.
THANK YOU FOR HELPING US MEET THE RECREATION NEEDS OF OUR COMMUNITY! If you want to be involved, please email and join us for our next meeting to look at the survey responses on Thursday, September 27th 5-6pm at the Tegu Bldg.
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