2021 Teacher Evaluation
Thank you for participating in the 28th annual Sioux Empire Water Festival! The Water Festival committee requests your assistance in evaluating the 2021 Festival. Please take a few minutes to complete this form. We appreciate your comments and suggestions. This information will be used in making improvements for future events. Your suggestions are read and evaluated. We have made several changes over the years because of your suggestions. THANK YOU!
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In this very different year of a virtual water festival, what went well for you? *
Where could we have made improvements in assisting you this year? *
In the event a presenter would not be able to present live at a future water festival, would you like us to link their recorded presentation from this year on our website, so the students could still learn from them? This would essentially be a hybrid water festival -- some presenters live, some presenters recorded, based upon their availability during our festival's time frame. *
Do you have any comments to add regarding the previous question?
If we had a hybrid water festival, would you prefer that the recorded presentations be active only during the two days of the water festival or for a longer period of time?
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If linked for a longer period of time, which would be your preference?
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What questions, concerns, or suggestions can you offer to help us improve the water festival experience for you and your students?
What questions, concerns, or suggestions can you offer to help us improve the water fest experience for the presenters?
Do you have any suggestions for new presenters or other organizations for us to invite?
Now that we have experienced a virtual event, which do you prefer?
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Any other words of wisdom for us? We very much appreciate honesty and constructive criticism.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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